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Bad Bad Leroy Brown

Detailed cuesheet information

Title Bad Bad Leroy Brown
Artist Jim Croce
Level Basic
Setup Line
Tempo 74 BPM
Choreographer(s) Monika Rei▀ler
Adapted by
Album His Greatest Hits
Length 3:02
ECTA-Repertoire no

Files attached to record

Events this song was taught

Event Teacher Comment
Country- & Western Dance 2008 Cortina Tho▀
ECTA Clog Convention 2004 Monika Rei▀ler
Country- & Western Dance 2009 Cortina Tho▀

Steps in this dance

Step Level ECTA Steplist Comment
Basic Basic main list
Push Off Basic main list
Shuffle Basic main list
Toe-Heel Basic main list
Triple Basic main list

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